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Pallet Strapping Machine SDB-105A
Pallet Strapping Machine SDB-105A
Pallet Strapping Machine SDB-105A
Pallet Strapping Machine SDB-105A
Pallet Strapping Machine SDB-105A
Pallet Strapping Machine SDB-105A

Pallet Strapping Machine SDB-105A

Fully Automatic Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine

SDB-105A fully automatic horizontal strapping machine is a staple for pallets and other items on the packing operations carried out automated packaging equipment,machine generally required for use with pallet strapping.The most important feature of this machine is without cargo moving up and down movement of the machine frame, thereby setting the corresponding position in the program will be packed to ensure the stability of bulk packaged goods.



Horizontal pallet strapping machinery/machine  is mainly strapping for goods with pallet or big stuff.It can combinate with our hot sale pallet type automatic strapping machine.The most advantage of this kind machine is no need to move the goods when strapping due to the machine's frame can move up and down automaticlly controlled by computer.


*Automatic strapping,tensioning,cutting and adhesion

*Electricity heating adhesion

*Main engine moving up  and down position,power-driven hoist group controlling

*Bow shelf collocation and bow shelf motor

*PLCcontrol system

*Belt  unseated detection and alarm setting

*For both PET/PP strap

*Detection for strap starvation

*It can  add to automatic packing line to increase the whole production capacity.





SDB-105 A

Power Source

380V 50/60HZ 3Ph 3.1kW 8A

Air Pressure

0.4 ~0.6MPa

Packing Speed

≤15 second/path

Tension Force


Hot-adhering position




arch size: width 1500mm X height 1500mm (inner size) material :aluminum alloy

(It’s possible to customize size)

Applicable Strap

width(12,13,15)mm Thickness(0.6-1.0)mm

for optional

Applicable Strap Spool


inner dia.:200mm210mm, out dia.:400mm500mm

Packing Type

horizontal 1several

manual packing , automatic control packing




Electrical Configuration


Contactor:“Schneider” Button Switch:“Schneider” Relay:“Schneider” Motor:Chinese “MEIWA”

Proximity Switch:”P+F ”or “FOTEK”

Machine Dimensions


Packing Measurement

L × W × H mm


N.W: 350kg G.W: kg



Environment Condition

Humidity≤90%, temperature 0-40


Adhesive surface≥90%, deviation of adhesive position≤2mm

Competitive Advantage

The advantages of the automatic baler are many. The belts produced by the carton are also beautiful and fast, which improves the packing efficiency of the workers, reduces waste, and saves costs. Various types of automatic balers are suitable for the bundle of conventional objects. Packing, bulky, heavy object bales, liquid powdery falling objects, particularly wide objects and pressurized packaging.

It can automatically strap, but the surface of working table is unpowered roller. In packing process, the user has to push the packing to strap secondcircle.

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