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Robotic Rotary Palletizer
Robotic Rotary Palletizer
Robotic Rotary Palletizer

Robotic Rotary Palletizer

Touch screen operation is adopted to accomplish the man-machine dialogue, using the Siemens PLC  programmable  control number

The symmetry and compact structure design, suitable for the narrow space of the existing production sites

Taken the pallet database is big, can accommodate 15 empty pallet, which can realize automatic supply pallet.  (pallet  library is optional)

Don't have to change the stacking parts can complete several stacking way, only need to obtain the parameters is ok. 



Product Description

Rotary stacking is mainly used in beer, beverage, medicine and other industries production line back end stacking, with more than 180 degrees of rotation function, can be applied to multiple pallets stacking at the same time, flexible rotation, small area, there are many dimensions, performance can be compared to robot stacking.


Palletizing process:

hay bags are transported by the bag conveyor to the palletizer

the palletizer will grasp the hay bag with clap boards and vacuum cups gripper.

The gripper put the hay bag on the right pallet or left pallet follow the PLC program.


Machine Material:

Columns: stainless steel or SS41 (A3 steel powder paint)

Shaft: stainless steel or S45C bearing steel

Roller: double-ended bearing roller (stainless steel or steel galvanized)

conveyor: stainless steel or SS41 (A3 steel powder paint)

Guide plate: stainless steel or SS41 (A3 steel powder paint)


Air pressure
Machine sizeR2000*H4000mm
Pallet size
Arm's burden
Action beat 
Pallet height

Competitive Advantage

The use of touch screen operation to achieve man-machine dialogue, can display the production speed, the cause and location of the problem, a high degree of automation. 


The order of stacking of pallet or drums using PLC can be programmed, Using Delta PLC and Delta brand touch screen (6 inches) or other imported brands, electrical components in line with international standards, reliable performance, interchangeability, durability and strong. 


Using Airtac or Japan SMC and Taiwan's pneumatic production of pneumatic components and cylinders, quality, reliable performance with stop work switch, cover with electrical induction device, when the door is open, the machine stops working, can be staff protection. 



The stacking method is easy to adjust, simple, can be carried out on the touch screen. Stacking stability, high efficiency, can greatly save manpower.


Servo motor using Panasonic brand, gear motor using Taiwan Sheng State Electric and Italy SITI brand.


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