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Servo Palletizer
Servo Palletizer
Servo Palletizer
Servo Palletizer

Servo Palletizer

Light size, lower energy consumption, saving space and cost

Simple operation and easy to learn, convenient and efficient, lower costs

Simple structure and easy to maintain

Preset N kinds of stack shape program, quickly switch and call



It is function of palletizer which can place the cartons with containers in a certain arrangement on pallets for automatic stacking. Palletizer can stack multiple layers and it’s convenient for the forklift to transport carton/case to the warehouse for storage.


This equipment adopts PLC + touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to grasp. The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical sensing devices. When the cover door is opened, the machine stops working to protect personnel. The palletizer is composed of input device, lane dividing device, whole box pushing device, unboxing stacking device, empty pallet supply device, finished product output device, safety device and automatic control device.


Pallet size
Power supply
Stacking height
Machine size
Air pressure
Conveyor H

Competitive Advantage

Stacking machine, it to put the carton and bag that have been loaded into carton according to a

certain arrangement on the pallet, and then push out and move to warehouse by forklift

The equipment adopts the Mitsubishi P L C and touch screen to realize intelligent operation, which is simple and easy to master

Can greatly reduce labor cost and labor intensity

High speed, smooth and space saving

Several stacking methods can be completed: corrugated boxes, plastic boxes, barrel packaging, bag packaging.

Multiple use of one machine, quick adjustment, no need to worry about upgrade of products

The safety door and cover are equipped with electrical sensor, when the cover door in opened, the machine stops working and the

operator can be protected.

The Stacking machine can be connected with the automatic pallet supply machine.

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