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Robot palletizer
Robot palletizer
Robot palletizer

Robot palletizer

The robot can pick up and unpalletize/palletize products in the whole layer or according to the set quantity, which improves efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

Depalletizing/palletizing is done by a manipulator to ensure accuracy and safety.

The manipulator automatically removes and collects the cardboard between layers and layers.

The grid safety fence and the protective door are equipped with socket type induction detection, and the guardrail is equipped with a safety light curtain.

Perfect configuration mechanism, in addition to the robot system, there are pallet conveyors, pallet positioning devices, empty pallet collection devices, etc.

The entire system unit is centralized and controlled by the system control cabinet (PLC), including the robot's signal exchange, anti-collision signal, safety door lock, real pallet in-position signal, pallet position signal and other logical relationships.

Small footprint and flexible application.



The application of robots in this work greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and increases the reliability and stability of the equipment. By changing different fixtures, it is suitable for the depalletizing/palletizing requirements of different products, which increases the flexibility of the equipment.


This model can be used for depalletizing and palletizing boxes, cans, and bags. Set up different programs to meet the needs of depalletizing/stacking depalletizing of different stack shapes. Different types of depalletizing/palletizing and dismantling machines are equipped with different forms of suction cup fixtures. Optional 3D vision system can meet the depalletizing needs of irregular objects (such as large packaging soft bags).


We can customer-built the robot palletizing solution specially to meet different needs. We have rich experience in cartons, bags, plastic bags and other products palletizing solutions. We choose the plan not only considering the customers’ requirements, but also focus on long operating life, low energy consumption and maintenance in the future. Lowing down the future running cost is also considered in our plan. Besides of this, we also leave the possibilities in the future to developing the front and end automations.


Clip typeSuction type, grab type
Robot type
4-axis/6-axis robot
Palletizing/depalletizing methodSingle box, multiple boxes, whole layer
Air pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Application product 
Carton, bag, bottle, can and etc
Max 8 times/min

Competitive Advantage

Fast - Short cycle times, the robot is specially optimized for packaging application.


High precision - components production is in high quality and stability so that the  robots has a very high accuracy.


Strong function - a wide range of applications.


Versatility - Flexible integration and production.


Controlled by the latest high-performance controller with multiple intelligent functions.


High reliability, innovation, and multi-functional application can satisfy multiple palletizing methods.


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