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Rotary arm stretch wrapper
Rotary arm stretch wrapper
Rotary arm stretch wrapper
Rotary arm stretch wrapper
Rotary arm stretch wrapper

Rotary arm stretch wrapper

Wrapping size
Line height
400mm(can be customized)
Conveyor speed
Conveyor load
Packing efficiency
Packing height
2400mm(can be customized)
Cantilever velocity
Machine size



Rotary arm wrapping machinewrapping packaging machine is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, paper making, ceramics, chemical industry, food, beverage, building materials and other industries. It can be installed on any existing packing line and it perfectly meets high production needs. While the pallet lies on the conveyor, the wrapping cycle is carried out by a rotating arm holding a film-roll. A steady and compact packing is guaranteed for all sorts of palletized products by a multiplayer wrapping made with stretch film.


Automatic stretch foil cutting and applying system.

Reinforced gantry, the column section is 150mm*150mm, and the thickness is 4.0mm.

Automatic reset , high sensitivity emergency brake.

Automatic clamping devide ,automatic cutting device , automatic welding film device to achieve unmanned operation.

Double chain structure , lifting speed variable frequency can be adjusted.

PLC control,wrapping later number ,times can be adjusted ,self-dynamic measurement of cargo height ,simple operation,easy to learn.

Eye-catching flashing safety warning and protective net,transmission line import and export goods photoelectric protection , safety protection door lock emergency stop .

Competitive Advantage

Film frame dynamic prestretching mechanism, prestretching up to 200% or 250%, reduce the film consumption. The rising and descending speed of the membrane frame can be adjusted respectively. Film feeding speed is adjustable; Separate variable frequency AC motor control. The winding number at the top and bottom is controlled separately.

pallet wrapping machine

The safety door limit is installed on the protective net. When the safety door is opened, the machine does not move. The rotary arm is equipped with safety ring (with photoelectric switch reflector) and acousto-optic alarm. When the rotary arm hits people or things by mistake, the machine will automatically stop in an emergency to ensure safety.

pallet wrapping machine

Cantilever frequency conversion speed regulation 18 laps/min.

Cantilever automatic reset.
Cantilever quick handling method.
Cantilever safety touch automatic stop.
Cantilever integral slewing bearing structure.
The cantilever can be folded for easy transportation.

rotary pallet wrapper

The four column legs are divided in the middle and fixed by hinge connection. When installing, as long as the forklift forks the top frame and then locks it with the connecting plate. The rocker arm adopts collapsible type. As long as the mounting nut is loose, the rocker arm column can be folded and fixed.

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