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Paper roll stretch wrapper
Paper roll stretch wrapper
Paper roll stretch wrapper

Paper roll stretch wrapper

Turntable diameter
Turntable height
Turntable speed
Turntable loading
Packing height
Packing efficiency20-40loads/hour
Machine size
Machine weight1080kg



Paper roll wrapper is a machine specially designed for packing paper, film, foil and similar materials manufactured in reels. Axial Wrapping: The machine is designed to apply layers of film across the face diametrically and wrap them along the longitudinal axis. The longitudinally applied wraps are moved along the periphery with uniform overlap forming a cocoon type packing. This packing is completely Moisture & Dust proof and protects the product.


Control system:

Man-machine interface operating system makes the operation more convenient.

PLC programmable control.

The number of winding turns of goods can be set.

Weighing system:

Use well-known brand weighing sensor.

Weighing 2000kg.

LCD display.

Can communicate with computer and printer, print labels.

Turntable system:

Turntable frequency conversion speed regulation.

The turntable resets automatically.

Drum frequency conversion speed regulation.

Film frame system:

The film frame is a dynamic pre-stretching mechanism, the pre-stretching can reach 1:2.5, reducing the film consumption.

The film feeding speed is adjustable and controlled by a separate DC motor.

The rising and falling speed of the film frame can be adjusted independently.

The wear-resistant rubber roller is selected for long service life.

The film system follow-up mechanism, just pull it.

The lifting column is a double chain structure, which is stable and reliable.

Optional features:

Automatic ejection function: Adopt air bag type cylinder, air consumption is 1000ml/min.

Pressing top device.

Cylinder/tray dual purpose.


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