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Pallet stretch wrapper
Pallet stretch wrapper
Pallet stretch wrapper
Pallet stretch wrapper

Pallet stretch wrapper

Power Voltage


Speed of turntable


Diameter of turntable


Packing size


Maximum height




Maximum wrapping height







Humidity<98%; Temperature -10-40℃



Technical characteristics and performances have been refined and improved by ausimgroup, according to years in the pallet packing machine manufacturing experience. All of the using materials are of high quality and high technical standards for all mechanical and electrical components merge with highly efficient and precis assembling and test precedures; this leads to the high performance production ,safe and durable products. ROTOPLAT stretch wrapping machines have always been synonym to reliability, easy use and maintenance. And most of strict compliance with safety rules and standards.


Competitive Advantage

1.Automatic Rope System

During transport ,no need worry the products falling down when the pallets get violent vibration;

If the truck-fork damage the film on the bottom of pallet ,the film do not break;

Pallet bottom grip and whole journey grip can take place of the horizontal strapping machine .

2.Intelligent LED Light Alarm system

During working ,if the film break or film exhaustX100 pallet wrapping machine will stop work ,and the warning light remind the worker;

The Light use LED ,can be use 100000 hours 

3.Automatic Cutting & Clamping System

Machine automatically Cut & Clamp film, workers no need do it by hand, helps save great time.

4.Safety Devices

Machine use ABS+Steel body, prevent electric shock and leakage.
Film carriage bottom safety device: During film carriage going down, if touches worker's body, it stops immediately to prevent injury.
If film carriage falls down, the anti-falling device catches it immediately

5.Intelligent Touch screen

The touch screen can set the "turntable speed .up& down speed and film carriage speed directly" and we also prepare for our customer 6 wrapping modes for their pallets ,most of customers have different pallet to wrap ,so the different pallets need different wrapping speed ,wrapping force ,the customer just need set the 6 model one time ,then just choose the right model for they pallet , no need adjust the parameter every time any more.

6.Testing Center

Smart Wasp Testing center main for testing pallet safety ,check the pallet weather can be safety during transportation.

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