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Online automatic pallet wrapper
Online automatic pallet wrapper
Online automatic pallet wrapper
Online automatic pallet wrapper
Online automatic pallet wrapper

Online automatic pallet wrapper

Turntable diameter
2000mm(can be customized)
Turntable speed
Turntable height
Loading weight
Wrapping height
Film carriage speed
Conveyor speed
Machine sizeL2810*W2050*H2820mm



SCR-2000D Pallet Wrapping Machine is used the wrap the full pallet by film stretching, the pallet is stopped and the pallet will rotate to stretch the film to wrap the pallet.

The machine is optional to put the top film sheet by adding the function of top sheet dispenser. Also it can be connected with conveyor line for a fully automatic packing line.


Variable wrapping force system:

Automatic adjust wrap force according to pallet shape 

1.Let every part of the pallets be wrapped tightly.

2.Protect the corner of the loads ,avoid the corner concave.

3.Pre-stretch rate 300%, save 30% film compared to traditional pallet wrapping machine.

Pallet Grip system:

Film bottom narrowed to become film rope , film rope grip to pallet & products during wrapping. 

1.During transport ,no need worry the products fall down when the pallets get violent vibration 

2.If the truckfork damage the film on the bottom of pallet ,the film do not breach .

3.Pallet bottom grip and whole journey grip can replace the horizontal strapping machine.

Intelligent Touch Screen:

1.We all use Siemens touch screen, Siemens inverter and Siemens PLC. 

Durable Conveyor:

1.Ausim online pallet wrapping machine use 89mm stainless steel roller , the joint conveyor on wrapper which need be linked to input&output conveyor also use chain drive.

2.So that the pallet can be moved from the conveyor to wrapper smoothly.

Auto Cut & Clamp Film System:

1.New design ,more better performance 

2.Can cut and clamp film automatically.

Safety Device - Intelligent Alarm System:

1.Safety device under film carriage can protect the head of the operator.

2.During the machine working ,if the have have any problem, the machine will alarm to inform the operate come to check machine ,all the alarm problems will be shown on the touch screen ,the operator can solve it immediately.

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