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Door window film wrapping machiine
Door window film wrapping machiine
Door window film wrapping machiine

Door window film wrapping machiine

Door/Window width
Door/Window height
Door/Window thickness
Door/Window weight
Turntable diameter
1650mm(can be customized) height : 85mm
Turntable loading
500kg(can be customized)
Machine weight
Machine size



This window wrapping equipment and door wrapping equipment is able to wrap one to several products quickly and efficiently unitized and protected with this versatile shrink wrapping machine. Depending on your specific size/weight/throughput requirements, Ausim can customize a wrapping system to meet your goals, reduce your packaging costs and assure that your customers receive your products in the same condition you shipped them. 


Base Plate:

We use a flat plate steel plate with a thickness of 10mm and a diameter of 1650mm, which can be used for (1200*1200)mm standard tray wrapping film packaging.

Pre-stretched structural membrane holder:

Our membrane frame is pre-stretched with a draw ratio of up to 250%. The rise and fall speeds of the film frame are respectively adjustable, the film feeding speed is adjustable, and the top and bottom winding numbers are individually adjustable.

Proximity switch:

We all use the well-known Omron brand proximity switch to ensure the quality and safety of the machine.

Roller bracket:

Our brackets are made of 6mm thick plates and fixed with 4 screws. The cargo has a buffering effect during operation, which can reduce the wear of the nylon roller and increase the service life of the nylon carrier.

Big sprocket:

We use a 400mm large sprocket, the motor drives the chassis chain to rotate, the top four columns are connected to the disc, the turntable is stable and flat.


Our nylon roller has high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance. It is equipped with a good roller bracket and a bottom chain plate. It does not reduce the quality of our machines for the price.

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