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Wooden box orbital wrapper
Wooden box orbital wrapper
Wooden box orbital wrapper

Wooden box orbital wrapper

*   Double film carriage with fully automatic cutting and clamping system

*   Imported drive belt durable and quiet

*   SIEMENS intelligent operate panel

*   Top pressure with double roller

*   SIEMENS control system



Orbital stretch wrapping machine SCR-2000BD is used for wrapping or strapping pallet or big products such as plastic sofa , funiture , big cabinet , plywood and so on. The principle is that the packaging material through the rotating arm device around the average forward rotation of the goods, at the same time by stretch film carriage to adjust the tension of packaging film,  and realize fastening the whole packing of the goods. The rules of the surfaces  will form a spiral packaging.Easy operation and maintenance, preventing dust and protecting the surface of the products.

Air consumption
Film cut/clamp system
By pneumatic
Top presserBy pneumatic
Inner coil diameter
Packing dimension√W2+H2<2000mm
Packing lengthUmlimited
Conveying methodBelt/roller

Competitive Advantage

Hrizontal wrapping machine with Two film carriage, the wrapping speed improve 50% , and use fully automatic cutting and clampping system .

Ausim orbital wrapper cylinder with two roller hold the top of the products make sure the steability during products going into machine.

Do not use a independent control box any more ,in this way ,it will be much easier install the machine .

Good spare parts is very important for quality of the machine .

Multifunctional man-machine interface touch screen, simple and easy to operate, 24 hours tracking and recording work status.

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