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Door and window orbital wrapper
Door and window orbital wrapper
Door and window orbital wrapper

Door and window orbital wrapper

*   Feet Pedal start & stop

*   P+F high quality sensor detection

*   Strong steel coil instead of traditional aluminum coil

*   Film break & clamp automatically

*   Stretch Film guide roller & tension roller



Orbital Stretch film wrapping machine especially for conduits ,profile,tube,door,window similar objects . SCR-120 AC has two options for customer that semi-automatic function and full-automatic function .Semi-automatic function as like conveyor uses gravity table,film cut&clamp manually,top pressers fixes manually and Automatic function usually include film break and clamp function ,top pressers pneumatically, all sensors detection system .In order to customized machine for special customer, we usually also can add some automatic functions option basic on semi-auto model . 

Air consumption
Film cut/clamp system
By pneumatic
Top presser
By pneumatic
Inner coil diameter
Packing dimension
Packing length
Conveying method

Competitive Advantage

Accepts feet pedal function to stop or start machine , it's easy to control machine work for workers.

There are two guide rollers to increase distance between film holder roller and tension roller. and produce much space for stretched film in stock here.then wrap to object smoothly without any wrinkle. 

Film tension roller easily install and fix on the holder ,the tension is adjustable for any object.

Pneumatic break clamp function easily and fast to finish this work and reduce working time for capacity, it also protection worker produce any hurt in the working , for special object ,there is another break clamp function called heater. 

All parts include sensor be selected by our professional engineer team, the final model be selected after lots of brands testing.

Lots of aluminum coil uses on the market from other suppliers,but s-bright pack manufacturer keep this idea for years and advanced high quality strong steel for ring of machine all materials of fiction wheels uses high qualified materials .

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