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The AUSIM exhibition site is in full swing, and the highlights will be seen again and again

Time : 2021-06-29 Hits : 27

The long-awaited 2021 27th Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition will be grandly opened. The exhibition will be held from June 23rd to 25th, lasting for 3 days.

In this exhibition, AUSIM, as an intelligent packaging research and development manufacturer, will bring its case erector machine, heat shrink packaging machine, high-efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving smart equipment to its debut!

Below, I will show you the excitement of the first day!


Following the pace of the opening of the exhibition, the AUSIM booth was also opened in the exhibition, coupled with the strength of a series of exhibits out of the circle, attracted many exhibitors to stop for appreciation and consultation, and the atmosphere was warm.


The on-site friends warmly received every visitor who came to the exhibition, patiently answered questions and answered questions, and brought a new experience to the audience with professional services. Whether it is product design or program application, the audience's good experience feedback has been praised again and again.

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