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Maintenance method of L-type semi-automatic sealing and shrinking machine

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If an object stops below the sealing part during operation, the sealing knife will automatically return to the upper side (for safety reasons, the belt conveyor does not have a stop circuit). After repair, just press the manual control switch again to start again; semi-automatic The sealing and cutting machine is an upgraded version of the sealing machine. It uses an L-shaped cutter and uses the fold film as the raw material to achieve full sealing, so it can be used in conjunction with the heat shrinking machine.

1. The contact surface of the blade is an important part of the sealing and cutting machine, that is, the silica gel strip should be protected. If the outer high-temperature varnished cloth is found to be burned, the parts should be replaced immediately.

2. To replace the sealing and cutting blade, loosen the fixed chuck of the sealing and cutting knife, take out the sealing and cutting knife, clean the knife slot, install a new blade, place it in the slot and press it tightly, and fix both ends of the blade in the blade fixing clip Inside the head, compress the spring and fix the screw.

3. If the sealing and cutting machine cannot seal and cut the film or the sealing and cutting effect is not good, it may be caused by the following reasons:

① There is no voltage at both ends of the sealing and cutting blade (the sealing and cutting transformer is damaged or the connection line is open, reconnect or replace)

②The power supply voltage is too low (make the input power supply voltage stabilized configuration)

③Improper adjustment of sealing and cutting time or damage of time relay (re-adjust or replace)

④The cutting surface of the blade is not flat (maybe the cleaning slot is not enough, reinstall the blade)

⑤Blade is broken or poor contact (need to adjust or replace the blade)

Please note:

1. In order to keep the sealing and cutting machine in a completely sealed state for a long time, please clean the sealing carefully after the sealing and cutting work steps are completed, and add lubricating oil to the mechanical oil inlet before working to keep the machine lubricated and clean without generating noise. Make the paper cutter always in good working condition.

2. For your safety, please clean the sealing knife before the temperature has dropped. After cleaning the cutting knife, it is best to moisten some cleaning paste with a soft cloth and gently press the seal to apply it completely. If the sealing knife cannot be completely sealed due to wear, The sealing knife needs to be replaced;

3. Air pressure relationship: Waste water must be discharged before it reaches the metal baffle. After the piston at the bottom of the bottle is turned away, the water will be discharged. If it is squeezed from below, the piston may not return to its original position, in case the piston fails. When returning, please remove the bottom of the bottle and press the piston down from top to bottom;

4. Pressure adjustment: When the adjusting knob is rotated to the right, the secondary pressure will rise. After the pressure is set, please fix the fixed lock above the adjusting knob;

5. Decomposition: stop the delivery of the air injected into the regulator, loosen the four screws, cover, spring, and diaphragm assembly, etc., disassemble the plastic flat chassis, baffle and other parts, turn the bolts to the left and take them out, and then Remove the spring, piston gasket, etc. after loosening.

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