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Maintenance of Automatic folding and sealing machine

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Automatic Folding and Sealing Machine is also called Folding Machine or Folding and Sealing Machine. It is a box sealing machine that can automatically fold the upper lid of a carton. It is a sealing device that small and medium-sized enterprises prefer. Everyone wants a machine. The equipment can be used indefinitely without any problems. Everyone is afraid of trouble, so what should we do? If packaging machinery is to last longer, for mechanical equipment, regular mechanical maintenance can not only improve the efficiency of the equipment, but also It can reduce the failure rate of equipment in operation, which is a multi-tasking thing. It can find and solve problems in time. The folding and sealing machine also needs this process. Automatic folding and sealing machines and other sealing The box machine is a bit more complicated. As an operator of the box sealing machine, you should have a good understanding of maintenance and maintenance knowledge to help you understand the box sealing machine.

Replace the blade
Loosen the nut of the box-folding and sealing machine, take out the old blade, replace it with a new blade, replace it with a new blade and then tighten the nut.

Replace conveyor belt
To replace the conveyor belt of the side transmission device, first loosen the two fixing nuts on the belt cover and the adjustment bolts in front of the belt seat, remove the belt cover, and then remove the old belt and replace it with a new one. After reinstalling, adjust the tension of the two conveyor belts to make The two conveyor belts are locked after the tension is the same.

Machine cleaning and lubrication
In order to make the machine run normally, the friction surfaces of all active parts on the automatic folding and sealing machine should be lubricated with 30# oil once a week.

Clean up grease regularly
Although the sealing machine itself does not need to be refueled, some important parts of the sealing machine need to be added with lubricating oil, such as the transmission part. The oil will be contaminated with dust during the working process of the machine, and the oil will also follow the personnel. The operation is touched and scratched to other places, so it is very necessary for the operator to clean the oil regularly.

Regularly check the use of vulnerable parts
Vulnerable parts refer to the parts that are easily worn and damaged during the use of the machine. Therefore, during use, the operator should pay more attention to these parts, and appropriate spare parts should be spared to prevent damage to the parts from affecting production and effectively avoid production loss.

Folding and sealing machine maintenance

1. The screw should be oiled every 3 months.

2. Add oil to the chain every 3 months.

3. Frequently wipe the cylinder shaft to prevent dust from penetrating into the piston and causing air leakage.

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