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Wide application of fully automatic palletizer

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the food, beverage, and health product industries, product packaging has developed in the direction of "miniaturization and gifting". The labor intensity of manual palletizing is high, and the mobility of job personnel remains high. The production management caused a serious impact. With the development of science and technology, the emergence of full automatic palletizer saves time and effort for product palletizing, and better helps companies complete transportation tasks.

 full automatic palletizer

The full automatic palletizer adopts PLC+touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, simple and easy to master, which can greatly reduce labor and labor intensity. The full automatic palletizer is a device that automatically stacks the bags, cartons or other packaging materials from the conveyor into a stack according to the working method required by the customer's process, and transports the stacked materials.


With the development of automation technology, full automatic palletizer equipment has also been improved and upgraded. According to industry insiders, the full automatic palletizer is a high-tech product integrating machinery and electricity. The middle and low-position palletizer can meet the production needs of low and medium output, and the full automatic palletizer is more suitable for high-volume production. The full automatic palletizer can palletize various products such as bags, plastic blocks, boxes, etc. according to the required marshalling method and number of layers. The optimized design makes the stack shape tight and neat. The full automatic palletizer system can greatly reduce labor and labor intensity. It is a high-tech product of the development of modern industrial society. It is of great significance to increase productivity and reduce costs.


 "At present, the application of robots is becoming more and more extensive. Full automatic palletizer is not only the only function of palletizing, but also handling and loading and unloading robots. Full automatic palletizer is mainly used in chemical raw material factories, packaging plants, and some large-scale In terms of objects. Some products themselves are harmful to the human body, such as medicines, feeds, fertilizers, flour, cement, microbial preparations, etc. These products are harmful to the human body, and full automatic palletizer have been widely used." Industry insiders said, along with With the popularity of full automatic palletizer, the future may extend to more fields, such as microbial preparations, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Full automatic palletizer can replace humans in completing high-risk and demanding handling and loading tasks, helping the industry to develop more scientifically and stably .


The era is constantly developing. The palletizing link of products has changed from the initial manual to mechanical automation and full automatic palletizer. The more and more advanced palletizing methods indicate that my country's machinery manufacturing industry is becoming more and more developed. Highly automated and intelligent machinery and equipment will help my country's various industries and industries to achieve more efficient, safe and convenient production, management and operation, and help my country's economic development more stable.

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