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Why do food companies now choose Shrink Wrapper for sale? 2021-08-27

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The Shrink Wrapper for sale is a machine that can help companies reduce packaging costs and can also improve packaging performance. The Shrink Wrapper for sale uses an environmentally friendly non-polluting POF shrink film, which will not generate any toxic gas or smoke. POF film is also the best choice for various food companies in choosing packaging materials.

shrink wrapper for sale

The Shrink Wrapper for sale of Ausim may effectively help food companies improve packaging efficiency and reduce costs, and provide professional guidance and training to customers, so that customers can learn the Shrink Wrapper for sale of Ausim for the first time, understand the machine, and master Machine, operate the machine and maintain the machine.


Features of our company's Shrink Wrapper for sale:

(1) The structure of the multi-density combined puncher device. This mechanism can distribute the density of the punching position according to the size of the object, so that the POF film will not be broken at high temperature because the gas cannot be discharged, or the density is too high. Excessive air causes uneven contraction.

(2) Arc-shaped cutting knife: The aesthetic performance of the sealing and cutting depends on the performance of the cutting knife of the Shrink Wrapper for sale. Our company adopts the characteristics of high temperature resistant material Teflon coating, and adopts the arc-shaped cutting knife so that it will not produce during the bag making process. Dead angle and hard angle phenomenon will shrink perfectly under high temperature shrinkage.

(3) Downward air heating and stainless steel heating tube: Our Shrink Wrapper for sale uses a downward air heating furnace, and the temperature will not lose too fast. The temperature in the furnace will be kept at a constant temperature to ensure that each product shrinks to perfection. result. The stainless steel heating tube can increase the service life of the product and reduce the maintenance cost of the machine.


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