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What should I do when the shrink machine PLC fails 2021-09-07

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PLC is called Programmable Logic Controller, which is a kind of digital operation and operation electronic system specially designed for application in industrial environment. It uses a programmable memory to store instructions for performing logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations, and control various types of mechanical equipment or production through digital or analog input and output. process. heat shrink tube PLC is widely used in industrial machinery and equipment, especially in the packaging machinery industry. Today we are talking about its importance in heat shrink tube. The open loop control of the switch is the basic control function of PLC. The PLC command system has powerful logic operation capabilities, and it is easy to implement various logic control methods such as timing, counting, and sequence (stepping). Most PLCs are used to replace traditional relay contactor control systems. heat shrink tube

heat shrink tube

The heat shrink tube is a highly automated equipment. The product is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and household chemicals industries. The application of the heat shrink tube can greatly reduce the material and labor costs of using the middle box packaging, which has important economic significance. When the PLC system of the shrinking machine fails, it can be said that the entire equipment is not good, so how to maintain this problem?

1. The main fault of PLC is the adhesion of output point relay contact. If the motor is controlled at this point, the fault phenomenon is that after a signal starts the motor, the motor runs, but after the stop signal is sent, the motor does not stop running. When the plc is powered off, the motor stops running. If this point controls the solenoid valve. The fault phenomenon is that the solenoid valve coil is continuously energized and the cylinder does not reset. If an external force is used to hit the plc to separate the adhesion points, it can assist in judging the fault.

2. There are two maintenance methods for PLC output point failure. heat shrink tube .The more convenient one is to modify the program with a programmer, modify the damaged output point to a spare output point, and adjust the line at the same time. If 1004 points of the control solenoid valve are damaged, 1105 points are changed to spare points. The programmer can find the related sentences of 1004 points, keep (014) 01004 is keep (014) 01105. The 1002 point of the control motor is damaged. Change it to the spare point 1106, modify the 1002 point related sentence out01002 to out01106, and adjust the line at the same time.

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