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What is paper roll stretch wrapping machine?2021-10-20

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There is a friend who doesn’t know much about cylinder wrapping machines, so let the author introduce to you today.

cylinder wrapping machine

Cylinder wrapping machine is also called paper roll stretch wrapper machine. While the rotation of the rotary table of the rotary cylinder wrapping machine drives the overall rotation of the cylindrical goods, the two power rollers on the rotary table drive the rotation of the cylindrical goods, thereby realizing the complete sealing of the goods. Winding and wrapping equipment.

PLC control, man-machine interface operating system, adjustable number of winding layers. The cylinder wrapping machine wraps round goods, which is conducive to the storage, transportation and turnover of the goods, and has the functions of dustproof, moistureproof and cleaning. cylinder wrapping machine has low packaging cost, high efficiency, and improves packaging quality. It is often used in papermaking and non-woven fabric industries such as large-axis paper and special paper.

The cylinder wrapping machine is composed of two parts: a column and a turntable. The turntable part is composed of ejector device, transmission device and roller device. The ejection device is ejected by a cylinder. It is designed to facilitate the shipment of goods. It does not require manual operation. The cylinder wrapping machine automatically ejects the goods; the transmission part is driven by ordinary tugs or slewing support structures to drive the goods to rotate. It is a cylinder. The core part of the winding machine; the roller device is composed of a driving roller and a driven roller, which realizes the axial rotation of the goods, and always realizes the fully enclosed winding and wrapping of cylindrical goods. 

Cylinder wrapping machines can be divided into 3 types according to their functions: automatic ejection type, cylinder-tray dual-use type, and online cylinder winding machine;

According to the different chassis structure, it can be divided into two types: ordinary tug type and slewing support type winding machine.

In particular, explain the advantages of the rotary support cylinder machine. Many friends have reported that the shaft paper is relatively large and heavier, and the tug is often worn out and not durable. The slewing support cylinder wrapping machine solves these problems very well. The equipment of the slewing support cylinder wrapping machine is stable, the chassis part is solid, it will not be deformed for a long time, and the failure rate is low. The roller, the turntable, and the film can be well matched to reduce the overlap of the film and allow users to reduce the use of consumables. Recognized by our customers.

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