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What is heat shrink packaging machine? 2021-08-27

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What is  heat shrink packaging machine?

Heat shrink packaging machine, also called shrinking machine, shrink packaging machine, is an advanced packaging method in the market. Heat shrink packaging machines are widely used in the packaging of glass bottles, styrofoam, paper boxes, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, commemorative labels and other items.

heat shrink packaging machine

The shrink packaging machine has the following advantages

1.Use far-infrared direct heating;

2.Small size of the equipment, short preheating time and power saving;

3.Electronic stepless variable speed temperature adjustment;

4.Shrinkage does not affect the quality of the packaged goods and can shrink and pack perfectly;

5.Suitable for Packing of regular or irregular items;

6.Automatic shutdown function, the equipment will automatically cut off the power when the furnace temperature rises to the specified temperature, saving the time to cool down, and also ensuring the normal service life of the equipment;

Features of  heat shrink packaging machine

The heat shrink packaging machine uses a shrink film to wrap the product or package outside, and then heat it to shrink the packaging material to wrap the product or package tightly, fully demonstrating the displayability of the item to increase the beauty and sense of value; at the same time, the packaged product The articles can be sealed, moisture-proof and pollution-proof. It also protects items from external shocks, and has a certain cushioning property.  when the shrink film shrinks, a certain tension is generated, so a group of items to be packaged can be wrapped tightly. Play the role of strapping, especially suitable for the collection of multiple groups of items and pallet packaging, so this product can be widely used for packaging various small products.

The significance of  heat shrink packaging machine

The heat shrink packaging machine is a highly automated equipment. The product is widely used in medicine, food and beverage, household chemicals and other industries. The application of heat shrink packaging machine can greatly reduce the material and labor cost of the medium box packaging, which has important economic significance. 

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