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what is full-automatic vegetable shrink machine price? 2021-08-30

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Vegetable packaging machine is a kind of shrink machine price, which is suitable for heat shrinkable automatic packaging of vegetables, garlic seedlings, fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers and other products.

shrink machine price

With the improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people and the acceleration of the pace of life, the demand for clean vegetables will increase. shrink machine price will be widely used in the production of clean vegetables in various large supermarkets. In this process, excellent products such as vegetable and fruit packaging machines have also emerged.

shrink machine price is the best choice for most vegetable customers. It can not only help you reduce costs, but also improve the packaging effect of the product.

Mechanical characteristics:

1. The machine can be packaged individually or in any group. It is a fully automatic shrink machine price designed for assembly line operation and mass packaging.

2. According to the specific situation of the product, an automatic feeding system can be selected to realize unmanned operation of feeding. Various forms of conveyors ensure that the materials will not move or roll.

3. The anti-cutting safety clutch device does not damage the packaging, so the overall efficiency is high.

4. After packaging, the sealing of the product is linear, and the steel pattern is clear and beautiful.

5. Bag length, speed and temperature can be adjusted individually, which is convenient and accurate.

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