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What determines the cutting tape width of the sealing machine

Time : 2020-07-03 Hits : 49

The carton sealing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses tape to seal the carton. The machine can realize automatic conveying, automatic sealing, and automatic cutting of tape. For the folding and sealing machine, it can also realize the automatic folding and closing of the upper cover, but No matter what kind of carton sealing machine, it is inseparable from the tape, so how wide can the carton sealing machine be?

There are two decisive factors for the tape width of the sealing machine, one is the cutter, and the other is the tape guide roller. The cutter, as the name suggests, determines the width of the tape that can be cut, but it does not mean that the wide cutter must cut the tape. In fact, a narrower cutter can also cut the wider tape, but this will leave a little tape head during the cutting process, which will affect the overall appearance. Therefore, Axiomtek recommends that if you need to cut a wider tape, you should communicate with the supplier and replace the larger blade.

Some friends also need to understand why the width of the tape is determined by the tape guide roller. In fact, the tape is not directly pasted from the tape from the tape sealing machine tape to the carton. The whole process is not directly pasted, but after the tape is drawn out very smoothly by a few guide rollers, the tape is glued to the carton. After bonding, there will be a corresponding tape guide roller to smooth the tape on the carton. Therefore, the width of the tape will be determined by the tape guide roller to a certain extent.

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