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Tips for using heat shrink sealer 2021-08-28

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1.The power of heat shrink sealer is generally about 15-40KW, and the setting temperature is also relatively high, generally about 160°-220°. The settings are also different according to the thickness of the material, the speed of conveying the product, the size of the air flow, and the temperature. , Products that are not resistant to high temperatures can use low temperatures and use thin shrink films. heat shrink sealer If the shrink film is thick, the temperature needs to be increased, and the power of the heat shrink sealer needs to be larger. The speed of conveying products increases and the temperature increases accordingly, and vice versa, the temperature decreases correspondingly when the air volume increases, and vice versa. The power of POF and PVC heat shrink sealer is generally 5-20KW, and the temperature is generally set at about 130-°160°. The adjustment is basically the same as that of PE shrinking machine.

heat shrink sealer

2. Conveyor belt speed adjustment:

Most conveying manufacturers will use frequency converters and electronic speed regulators to control the speed. If the product is long, the speed must be slow, and the conveyor of the heat shrink sealer must be long, generally adjusted to 20m/min-50m/min. If the product has very high requirements for the shrinkage effect, it is recommended to use a longer heat shrink sealer, and use low temperature slow conveying to meet the shrinkage. Effect. Choose a model with a higher power. The conveying speed needs to be accelerated when the temperature is set high, and vice versa. When the air volume is small, the conveying speed slows down, and vice versa.

3. Adjustment of wind flow:

The air volume is generally adjusted by frequency conversion to control the speed of the motor. However, many shrinking machines do not have this function. The powerful ones include the adjustment of the wind direction, which effectively blows the hot air to the position where the product needs to be contracted. The size of the air volume also has a great influence on the shrinking effect. It is easy to cause a burst after shrinkage and affect the shrinkage effect. If the air volume is too small, the film does not shrink within a short time, and fish scales will appear on the surface. The size of the air volume is also related to the size and angle of the wind wheel. The higher the temperature, the lower the air volume, otherwise the higher, the faster the speed, the higher the air volume, and vice versa.

Therefore, the adjustment of the heating mechanism, blowing mechanism, and conveying mechanism of the shrinking machine are all mutual. Changing one parameter will affect the setting of other parameters. The specific details will also depend on the product characteristics, the type and thickness of the shrinking material, and the requirements for production capacity. Finely adjust the parameters to achieve a smooth and beautiful shrinking surface, and there will be no bursts, wrinkles, etc. after shrinking.

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