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Three commonly used models of pallet winding machines 2021-10-18

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The pallet wrapping machine is selected and recognized by the majority of users for its high degree of automation, high efficiency and many other advantages. However, for different functional requirements, pallet wrapping machines are also divided into many types. The problem that many users face is: clearly what kind of packaging is needed, but it is not clear which packaging equipment to choose. Today, I will introduce you to the commonly used pallet wrapping machines. 3 models.

1. Pallet wrapping machine

pallet wrapping machineThe pallet wrapping machine is mainly aimed at products that package pallet goods, and it can also be customized for the packaging needs of special goods, such as oil drums, door panels, and so on. If the size of the pallet is too large, you can ask the supplier to customize the chassis according to the size.

When choosing a pallet wrapping machine, you need to pay attention to the fact that the level of suppliers is uneven and the price span is large. When choosing a machine, you must pay attention to three points: whether the pre-stretching motor of the film frame is a DC motor, and whether the chassis supporting roller is high-quality nylon Material, whether the chassis sprocket is a large sprocket.

2.Pallet online wrapping machine

pallet online wrapping machine

As the name suggests, this equipment is a combination of a pallet wrapping machine and an assembly line. The pallet online wrapping machine is only used as a stand-alone machine. In order to adapt to the trend of packaging assembly line operations, this machine came into being.

At present, there are three types of  pallet online wrapping machine on the market: pallet online drum wrapping machine, pallet online chain wrapping machine, pallet online chain plate wrapping machine, and the price is increasing sequentially. The chain wrapping machine responds to the M-shaped structure at the bottom of the pallet, because the drum rolls when the M-shaped pallet travels in the M shape on the drum wrapping machine, but the pallet cannot move.

3. Pallet rocker wrapping machine

pallet rocker wrapping machine

The principle of the pallet rocker wrapping machine is to rotate around the goods through a rotatable cantilever to realize the wrapping of the goods. All goods that can be packaged by the pallet wrapping machine can be wrapped with the pallet rocker arm wrapping machine series equipment, which is also an extension of the ordinary pallet wrapping machine. The rocker arm wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping lighter, taller and unstable products or overweight goods after stacking.

The three commonly used models of pallet wrapping machine introduced in this article are hoped to be helpful to everyone when choosing a machine.

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