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The key components that affect the quality of the pallet wrapping machine 2021-10-19

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The quality of the pallet wrapping machine determines whether it is reliable and durable. For users who purchase a pallet wrapping machine for the first time, how to distinguish the quality of the machine is a headache.

The performance of a pallet wrapping machine depends on the film frame, and whether it is durable depends on the chassis, because the wear parts of the entire machine are on the chassis, such as pallets, sprockets, supporting wheels, etc., which are the main components of the pallet wrapping machine chassis It is also a key component that affects the quality of the entire pallet machine.

1. Tray. The pallet is used to support the rotation of the goods, so it must reach a certain thickness, otherwise it will be deformed. A slight deformation of the pallet will wear the supporting wheel. The supporting wheel is like a car tire. It must be replaced when it is worn to a certain extent. The thickness of the pallet is generally divided into two types: 10mm and 8mm. The pallet of high-quality pallet wrapping machine generally uses 10mm steel plate to ensure its reliability and durability.

2. Sprocket. The pallet is supported by the sprocket and the supporting wheel. The larger the sprocket, the greater the support for the pallet, the more the pressure on the supporting wheel is shared, and the smaller the pressure of the supporting wheel, the lighter the wear of the supporting wheel; on the contrary, the chain If the wheel is small, the wear of the supporting wheel will increase. High-quality pallet wrapping machines generally use a large 80-tooth sprocket with a diameter of 412mm, which is also the largest sprocket in the industry at present, please pay attention to the distinction when purchasing.

3. Supporting wheel. The supporting roller is a vulnerable and consumable part like a car tire. Not only the quality of the pallet and the sprocket will affect the wear rate of the supporting roller, the quality of the supporting roller itself is also very important. Practice has proved that nylon-based rollers are wear-resistant and durable, and the quality is guaranteed; the quality of rollers is not as intuitive as pallets and sprockets, and there are dimensions that can be directly referenced, which makes it difficult for users to judge. However, based on experience, the thickness of the pallet The quality of the supporting wheel is generally poor for those with a small sprocket that does not reach 10mm.

The above are several key components of the pallet wrapping machine and the corresponding quality identification methods. After understanding these, you can choose to identify them. It is not difficult to buy a reliable quality pallet winding machine.


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