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The difference between pre-stretched and resistance-stretched wrapping machine 2021-10-16

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Winding machines are classified into pre-stretching wrapping machine and resistance-stretching wrapping machine according to the different stretching methods of the film frame.

The pre-stretching wrapping machine is a model widely used in the market at present. The pre-stretched wrapping machine uses the motor on the pre-stretched film frame to pull the stretch film according to the tension set by the wrapping machine. , And then wrap it on the pallet goods placed on the turntable of the wrapping machine. The stretched film of the pre-stretching wrapping machine is uniform and beautiful. 

The resistance stretch wrapping machine is to passively pull the stretch film out of the film frame through frictional resistance. The pulling speed is slower than the rotation speed of the goods and the goods are wound at the same time. The resistance stretch type wrapping machine has zero resistance. Therefore, the palletized goods are not suitable for the stretch-resistant wrapping machine, which is easy to pull the goods diagonally or bulk goods. 

Advantages and disadvantages: The resistance of the stretch-type wrapping machine is zero, so the requirements for the stretch film are not high, but compared to the pre-stretching wrapping machine, the stretch-type wrapping machine wastes the stretch film and increases the cost of use. Moreover, the goods packaged by the resistance stretch wrapping machine are not as stable and beautiful as the pre-stretched type.

Summary The difference between the resistance stretch  and the pre-stretch  of the wrapping machine is mainly that under the same conditions, the number of stretch films used is different. The pre-stretch type generally saves the cost of the stretch film than the resistance stretch type.

In comparison, it is found that the pre-stretched  is a very economical and practical pallet wrapping machine. It can save a lot of costs for enterprises. Do you know the difference between the pre-stretch wrapping machine and the resistance-stretch wrapping machine? If you still have any questions, please contact me.



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