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Robot palletizers are the trend of automated palletizing

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In recent years, my country's industry is undergoing mechanization upgrades, especially in the packaging industry. Robot palletizers are the trend of automated palletizing. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of robot palletizers in the field of automated production. .

 robot palletizers

Automated production requires reducing labor, ensuring product consistency, and improving product quality. It also requires mass production, reducing production costs and improving production efficiency. In manual palletizing, it is difficult to maintain the stability and consistency of palletizing for a long time due to the influence of objective and subjective factors such as skill level, fatigue level, sense of responsibility, and physiological limit. And, because of the poor working conditions of palletizing, the number of people willing to engage in manual palletizing is decreasing, and there is a tendency for skilled workers to be in short supply. It can be said that the robot palletizers largely meet the requirements of automated palletizing.


The advantages of automated production can be summarized as follows:


(1) Stable stacking quality to ensure its uniformity. Using robot palletizers, the palletizing parameters are fixed, and the palletizing quality is less affected by human factors, which reduces the requirements for workers' operating level, so the palletizing quality is stable. In manual palletizing, the palletizing speed and dry elongation are all uncertain, and it is difficult to achieve uniform quality.


(2) Improved working conditions. With robot palletizers, workers only need to perform simple tasks.


(3) Improve production efficiency. The robot palletizers can produce continuously for 24 hours, and the power increase is more significant.


(4) The production cycle is clear, and the output of commodities is simply controlled. The production cycle of the robot palletizers are fixed, so the production plan is very clear.


(5) Reduce the cost of equipment replacement. The biggest difference between  robot palletizers and a dedicated machine is that the program can be modified to suit the production of different products.

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