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Mask box shrink wrap near me 2021-08-30

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Mask box shrink wrap near me

In the early days, after the facial mask was packaged in a carton, a three-dimensional packaging method similar to cigarette packs was chosen. However, the three-dimensional packaging was eliminated by the shrink packaging of the mask box due to the inconvenient size adjustment. Nowadays, most of the shrink packaging of facial masks are Use pillow packaging machine or shrink wrap near me. The characteristics of the pillow packaging machine are: the packaging fits and shrinks beautifully. The shrink wrap near me is mainly because it is convenient to adjust the size. Therefore, it is also widely used in the shrink packaging of mask boxes. Especially in some mask processing factories, the size of the mask box is different, and there are many types. Therefore, choose the shrink wrap near me, It can meet almost all box types, which greatly saves the cost of adjustment.

Facial masks are becoming more and more widely used in people’s daily lives. Both men and women like to take care of themselves. Therefore, in recent years, the supply of facial masks has increased, and the demand for facial mask packaging has also increased. .

The following pictures with shrink wrap near me are for your reference

 shrink wrap near me

In addition, the shrink packaging speed is also an important consideration for model selection. The shrinkage efficiency of the pillow packaging machine is about 80-100 packs per minute; the shrinkage efficiency of the shrink wrap near me is about 25-30 packs per minute. Whether with cradle function, the speed can shrink the efficiency of 40-60 packs per minute.

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