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How to pack waterproof coil reasonably

Time : 2020-03-23 Hits : 68

The packaging of waterproof coils has always been a controversial issue in the field of building materials , because the packaging effect of coil is directly related to the performance of final product.

Coiled materials are widely used in the construction field. Especially in the rainy season, waterproof coiled materials are used more frequently. Because the size of the coiled material is relatively large and the shape is barrel-shaped, the conventional packaging machine cannot meet the packaging requirements of the coiled material. Such a plastic film shrink wrapping machine specially applied to coil packaging came into being. AUSIM has a strong R&D technical team and has developed a new type of packaging machine dedicated to waterproofing coil according to the characteristics of waterproofing coils. This packaging machine has attracted the attention of the coil , pipe industry since its launch, and more and more manufacturers use it. AUSIM packaging machine, its good performance is more suitable for roll products, especially its feeding pusher adopts an arc-shaped structure design, which fully fits the shape characteristics of arc-shaped products, and the aerodynamic driving method allows packaging The operation of the pusher is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, giving full play to its excellent performance.

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