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How to identify the source factory and buy high-end good machine at low price when you buy shrink packaging machine

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The heat shrink packaging machine is a universal packaging machine, which is used in many industries such as food, supplies, building materials, furniture, daily chemical, printing, medicine, hardware, e-commerce and many other industries.

Finding shrink packaging machines is very simple. A search on the Internet reveals the information on packaging machines across the country. However, the choice is too difficult. It is difficult to distinguish good from bad by just looking at the pictures. The quotations are very different. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for," but I always hope to win the good things on the ceiling at the price of the floor. it's out of the question! But we can save the price difference between the middlemen and get good quality products-find the source factory.

There are also many "source factories", how to identify them?

1. Scale: Since it is the source factory, it may provide OEMs for middlemen, or it may have its own brand. For a large-scale manufacturing base, a standard factory building with a concrete structure is usually indispensable, rather than a temporary building with a simple structure. In order to produce packaging machines for so many middlemen across the country, storage is also needed. As a result, the size of the venue cannot be less than 10,000 square meters.

2. History: To be able to achieve the source, I believe that the length of time engaged in the shrink packaging industry will not be short.

3. Management: Standardized management mode, professional team, meticulous division of departments, clear site planning, uniform clothing for employees, and complete manufacturing equipment.

4. Technology: a team of professional engineers, the product has obtained a number of national patents

5. Channels: Frequent and large-scale exhibition participation is a manifestation of the strength of the company, and the products are widely spread.

6. Brand: Although it provides OEM services for middlemen across the country, it also has its own brand trademark and registered it.

7. Partners: You can also know one or two by looking at the partners of this company. If the partners are all well-known international and domestic companies, I believe this company will not be bad.

8. Service team: A mature after-sales service team is the guarantee to provide customers with high-quality after-sales service in the future.


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