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How to choose a pallet wrapping machine? 2021-10-16

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How to choose a pallet wrapping machine?

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With the advancement of science and technology, the degree of automation in product packaging has become higher and higher, and the use of pallet wrapping machines has become more and more widely used. Compared with manual packaging, pallet wrapping machine packaging not only saves time and effort, but also has beautiful packaging, uniform specifications, and saves money. It also helps To improve the corporate brand image. So how to choose a pallet wrapping machine?

1. Company reputation and after-sales service. Choosing a good company means choosing a good pallet wrapping machine, and choosing a good company means having a good after-sales service. When purchasing machinery and equipment, you must understand the after-sales service. No matter how good the quality is, long-term use or improper use will cause problems. So try to choose some companies with a long brand history, more experience, and good reputation. 

2. Configuration and use. The electrical configuration and motor of a pallet wrapping machine are very important. Try to choose the mainstream brands on the market. The chassis of the pallet wrapping machine should be as thick as possible, and the standard pallet wrapping machine should be a steel plate with a thickness of 10mm and a diameter of 1650mm, which is reliable and durable. The electrical control should be controlled separately by PLC and inverter. 

3. The program is simple and easy to understand, and the screen operation is simple. Most of the pallet wrapping machines are used in the workshop. If the touch screen is dirty or the operator's hands are dirty or the operation is wearing gloves, it is easy to cause the touch screen to malfunction or the operation is not sensitive. In contrast, the text screen is more convenient to operate, simple to use, and suitable for most production packaging environments. 

There are many types of pallet wrapping machines, and each pallet wrapping machine is divided into many models, but it is not difficult to choose a pallet wrapping machine, as long as you choose a good manufacturer, it is guaranteed

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