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Factors that affect the normal feeding of the L-shaped sealing and packing machine

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In our lives, we must all know that there are many factors that affect the normal feeding of the L-shaped sealing and cutting machine, because the L-shaped sealing and cutting machine will not work when the conveyor belt is in use. This problem is not a big deal, but it is often troublesome to meet it frequently. After long-term practice, the L-shaped sealing and cutting machine has summed up a set of methods for determination, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


1. We need to confirm whether the potentiometer of the L-shaped sealing and wrapping machine is at the zero position. If it is, it will definitely not automatically feed the tape. This requires our adjustment. Adjust the potentiometer switch, if you want If you want to send the tape longer, adjust it clockwise. If you want to send the tape shorter, adjust it counterclockwise.

2. It is also possible that when we are operating, we may be wearing the belt incorrectly. In this case, we need to re-thread the belt by our operators.

3. It is necessary to see if there is any foreign matter inside and whether it affects our packing belt. This requires our staff to clean the machine before use, to ensure that the belt is clean, to prevent the belt from being unsmooth, and to ensure that we are normal. jobs.

4. It is also necessary to check whether the belt size is appropriate and the gap needs to be adjusted when we wear the belt, because if the gap is too small, the packing belt will definitely not operate normally. If it is normal, the gap between the belt gear should be required. It is 0.5-1mm wider than the thickness of the strap.

5. There is also a crucial point. We should confirm whether the packing belt we use is appropriate. It should be based on different packing equipment. The selected packing belt is also different. Therefore, we should pay attention to one point when purchasing. The thickness and width must be appropriate.

6. One of the more important points is that there may be a problem with the electromagnet of the machine. This requires our technicians to check whether the coil is burned out. If so, we need to replace the coil.

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