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Bottled olive oil shrink sealer shrink wrap sealing machine 2021-08-30

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Olive oil is vegetable oil, cold-pressed from fresh olive fruits. It is especially nutritious. When we buy olive oil, its outer packaging is also a science. Careful people will find that there is a shrink film on the bottle. shrink sealer plastic. Heat shrink packaging is also one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market. shrink sealer plastic It fully displays the appearance of the item, improves the size of the product, and reduces the possibility of the product being dismantled and stolen. Today I will introduce you to our AUSIM fully automatic Bottled olive oil production line, as well as bottled olive oil shrinking machine. let's figure it out together. shrink sealer plastic .

shrink sealer plastic

Performance characteristics of bottled olive oil shrinking machine:

1. The rubber cap of the bottled olive oil shrinking machine shrinks evenly, and the bottom is neat without wrinkles;

2. The bottled olive oil shrinking machine is fully automatic in and out of the bottle, and the heat shrinking device runs automatically without manual operation;

3. There is a clutch protection device at the bottle wheel, if there is a bottle jam, it will automatically stop to ensure safe production.

Then there are many advantages of using our AUSIM fully automatic olive oil production line. shrink sealer plastic The first aspect is hygiene. If manual filling is used, many hygiene aspects cannot be controlled when people come into contact with the material. The second aspect is In terms of speed, the speed of a fully automatic bottled olive oil production line is difficult to achieve by humans. Unless it uses a lot of manpower, the labor cost is also increased. The latter is the precision aspect. The manual precision is not easy to control. Use fully automatic bottled The olive oil production line is controlled by PLC with extremely high accuracy.

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