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Automatic side sealing machine for packaging books 2021-08-31

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Automatic side sealing machine for packaging book

       Automatic side sealing machine        Speaking of book packaging, most of the printing industry adopts the packaging mode of manual covering and sealing machine or shrinking machine. This mode is not only slow, uses more manpower and equipment, the packaging effect is average, and it also needs to pay high amounts for employees. Overtime pay. If you use an automatic side sealing machine, it can actually be more efficient.

        In the traditional packaging process, manual packaging is used and the staff wraps the film. The assembly line needs to arrange more than ten people. In addition, employees need to work overtime. The labor and management costs are high. The packaging effect of manual wrap is also different from person to person. Different, poor brand image. After covering the film, you need to buy a sealing machine to seal the books, which further increases the cost, and the automatic side sealing machine can perfectly solve these problems.

         The automatic side sealing machine can realize automatic film-sealing, cutting and shrinking. The whole process is unmanned. The daily output can reach 3000-10000 pieces, which reduces overtime work by employees and saves costs for enterprises. At the same time, the packaging effect of the automatic side sealing machine is also better than manual packaging, and the shrinking effect is more exquisite. It plays a role of dustproof, moistureproof and waterproof during the storage and transportation of books. Moreover, the machine has simple operation, high work efficiency, high packaging quality, low failure rate and long service life. Not only saves the cost of human resources, but also saves the cost of material production and workshop management costs.

        From manual to automation, the sealing film equipment of the printing industry has already changed. Only when the automatic side sealing machine makes the sealing and cutting shrink in place in one step, you can really get rid of the problems of slow efficiency, ugly packaging, heavy employment, and high overtime.

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