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Application advantages and product features of automatic box opening machine

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1. What is an automatic box opening machine?

The main function of the unpacking machine is to automatically unpack large quantities of cartons, automatically fold the lower cover, and automatically seal the bottom tape or hot melt adhesive to seal the bottom, and all the machines are controlled by PLC and display screen together, which can be completed at one time Carton box suction, unpacking, forming, bottom folding, bottom sealing and other packaging processes are easy to operate, powerful, and easy to manage. It can also reduce production personnel and labor intensity. It is an essential equipment in automated large-scale production. The automatic box opening machine is widely used in industries such as beverages, beauty cosmetics, food, medicine, and home furnishings with relatively large output, and can also save a lot of manpower and material resources. There are two types of automatic box opening machines, one is a semi-automatic box opening machine, and the other is a fully automatic box opening machine. Box opening machines are now widely used in the packaging of products in various industries, and have been well received by many companies. As a member of the packaging industry, the unpacking machine has been widely used and popularized in this industry field. The box opening machine is very suitable for the entire automatic packaging line, which greatly saves the manufacturing cost of the enterprise.

2. Advantages of automatic box opening machine

● When the fully automatic carton opener is working, if the carton is not enough, it can be replenished at any time, and it does not need to be replenished after shutdown, which saves working time and does not delay production.

● The automatic carton opening machine can automatically sense the size of the carton, and open the carton by itself, without manually determining the size of the carton next to it, and it is suitable for multiple sizes. Note that the size of the carton should be the largest and the largest of the carton opening machine. Within the minimum unpacking range.

● The design of the fully automatic carton sealing machine is very user-friendly, each part is very durable, the structure design is strict, the performance is stable, and the operation is simple, and the practicability is very strong.

● The fully automatic box opening machine adopts Siemens P.L.C+ display control, which is easy to manage and easy to operate, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of people.

● The automatic box opening machine can automatically shut down and automatically shut off air, which greatly improves the safety of use.

● The automatic opening speed is fast, the opening speed can reach 40 boxes per minute, which is much more efficient than manual operation, which improves work efficiency and saves human resources.

● The sealing accuracy of the automatic box opening machine is high, and the sealing effect is beautiful.


3. The characteristics of the unpacking machine

Features of the automatic box opening machine: the box opening machine is light in size, the pulleys are complementary, the displacement is flexible, and it is more convenient to install and debug. The unique and exquisite design is your ideal choice. The box unpacking machine adopts a vertical storage cardboard method, and can replenish the carton board at any time. There is no need to stop, more time and more packaging; the structure design of this box opener: complete the carton suction, unpacking, forming, Packaging processes such as bottom folding and back cover. This machine is suitable for automatic opening and sealing of cartons of various sizes. If you need to change the carton specifications, you can manually adjust the time. The required time is 1-2 minutes; and the carton opening machine can be operated as a stand-alone machine or can be used in conjunction with an automated packaging line . The unpacking machine has stable performance, reliable quality, strong applicability, high packaging efficiency, long service life; and high degree of automation: automatic unpacking, automatic folding of the lower cover, automatic sealing of the bottom tape, the machine adopts PLC + display control, which is greatly convenient Operation; built-in automatic alarm device, in many cases the automatic box opening machine automatically completes a series of operations without manual operation, then some minor problems may occur, such as the tape is gone, at this time The equipment may not be able to proceed to the next step, which will easily delay the work progress. In order to solve this small problem, this equipment has added an automatic alarm device to automatically alarm after a problem, so that it will be easy to find If problems are corrected in time, mistakes in work will be avoided; protective devices and equipment have to go through many steps when working, and some accidents may occur in some steps, and the unpacking machine will also make some corresponding protections. Measures, in this way, can greatly prevent personnel from being injured next to the equipment, and achieve the purpose of safe production.

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