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coil wrapping machine

coil wrapping machine



Coil wrapping machine  is mainly applied to exterior wrapping products. This wrapping machine can pack the cable based on the specific requirement. It also can pack the product with two different materials simultaneously. And there are various wrapping materials for choosing, such as woven tape, compound paper tape, stretch film, etc. Through the wrapping, the objects will be kept in a good condition. This kind of machine also can be used for other type of coil products, for example, hose pipe, cable wire, steel coil, steel tube, aluminum coil, tyres, etc.




* PLC are intelligent for operation.

* Indicator can show the trouble automatically.

* Double-rub wheel devices make working safer, more stable & efficient.

* Overlap rate could be adjusted according to the requirement.

* Height of the ring centre could be adjusted.

* Material tension could be adjusted according to the practice.

* Different packing materials can be chosen.

* The carrier roller and protective roller are wrapped with polyurethane.

* The mechanical hand device can be chosen for automatic material feeding & cutting operation.

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