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Furniture, door panels, plywood shrink wrapping solution

Many packing staff and many automatic packing equipment, but the efficiency is far less, which has long troubled the furniture, door panels, and wood industries. Due to a series of factors such as rising management costs, various and heavy furniture specifications, a lot of labor, and aging packaging equipment, the furniture delivery often appears to be delayed.

In order to improve the overall efficiency, IKEA furniture made a major adjustment to the entire production scale, and found that the packaging equipment in the back stage was seriously aging, often malfunctioning, and seriously delayed the retreat. So I found AUSIM to re-purchase stable back-end packaging equipment.


In order to do a good job in this service, AUSIM's pre-sales engineers conducted a survey of the entire site and found that the company used a semi-automatic packaging machine, with a sealing and cutting speed of only 2Pcs/min, and it required 6 employees to intervene to complete the output. The accessories of the equipment have been damaged due to long use.

Considering the needs of users, this time AUSIM recommended an upgraded version of the fully automatic straight-feed cuff-type packaging machine, which is suitable for the furniture industry where heavy, multiple items, and multiple sizes are packaged at the same time. In order to control its stability and meet various specifications, the sealing and cutting shrinkage speed is controlled at 5Pcs/min, and the transportation speed is maintained at 15M/min to ensure the stability of product packaging.

In addition to stability, the packaging machine is equipped with automatic energy-saving power-off and automatic cooling of the oven cavity temperature in terms of product energy consumption. The load-bearing capacity is up to 100kg, which greatly meets the packaging of door panels and wardrobes in the furniture industry.

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