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Can insecticides be packaged with a shrink sleeve machine ?

As we all know, because insecticidal aerosol is a flammable and explosive pressure-bearing product, and it also involves the quality of life of thousands of households, it has extremely high requirements on the production environment, production equipment and production staff. In order to ensure safe production, most manufacturers consider carton packaging first in terms of packaging quality. If all cartons are used for packaging, it will not only cost a lot of material costs, but also need to make room for boxes and other automatic box unpacking machines, packing machines and other equipment. Is there a packaging mode that can save consumables, reduce equipment investment costs and save space? AUSIM recommended an automated cuff-type packaging machine for customers.

In the face of this kind of products that require explosion-proof and flame-proof, AUSIM first considers installing a special safety protection device-safety explosion-proof electrical box for the equipment. Whether it is on the sealing and cutting or shrinking furnace, it is equipped with an explosion-proof motor. The electrical parts that may generate sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures are separated from the surrounding explosive gas mixture.


Secondly, save consumables. All the products originally packed in boxes are changed to film packaging, which not only can prevent moisture and waterproof, but also saves tape resources, pp tape, cartons and other consumables.

Save production space. Originally, it was necessary to arrange a box opening machine, a box sealing machine, a folding and sealing machine, and a packing machine. Now only a fully automatic cuff-type packaging machine production line is needed to complete the packaging.

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