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Automatic sealing and heat shrinking wrapping machine is applied to the envelope of blood collection tubes in the pharmaceutical industry

User needs

1. The total product production demand is large, the downstream packaging machinery is aging, and the production efficiency is slow

2. The outer packaging back-end production line needs to arrange manual follow-up

3. The appearance of the product should be perfect when shrinking, and the degree of wrinkle should not exceed 2/3

4. The machinery needs to be internationally advanced technology, which can be applied to the packaging of various specifications of blood collection tube bottom support solution


AUSIM automatic sealing and cutting heat shrinking machine is designed according to the characteristics of blood collection tubes and has the following characteristics:
1. Superb technology
Manufactured with international advanced technology, suitable for combined packaging of multiple items with bottom support, automatic feeding, pushing, film feeding, sealing and cutting.
2. Line one specification
After the product enters the automatic sealing and cutting heat shrinking machine, it will automatically shrink at a constant temperature. After the shrinkage, the product has a standard appearance. The sealing line is hidden on the side, the sealing is firm, and it does not crack, and can prevent moisture and pollution.
3. Efficient and labor saving
AUSIM automatic sealing and cutting shrinking machine can shorten the working hours, the average output can reach 60 pieces per minute, reduce labor costs, improve product quality, reduce material waste, create cost advantages for enterprises, and ensure the final overall competitiveness of products.
4. The sealing height can be adjusted
The sealing height can be adjusted to ensure that the sealing line is in the middle position. Choosing a suitable packaging height can reduce the sealing knife stroke time and reduce production costs.
5. Easy to switch
Using horizontal and vertical two sets of photoelectric, easy to switch, thin or small products can be easily packaged;
6. Automatic program control
The operation is simple and convenient, with safety protection and alarm functions.

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