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Automatic high speed shrink wrapper application in the jelly, pudding, yogurt industry

The pudding we often eat is a bit like jelly, a semi-solid frozen dessert. At the time of purchase, they are sold individually or in combination, and most of them are combined in supermarkets. AUSIM automatic high-speed sealing and shrinking packaging machine heat-shrink wraps the pudding jelly, which is beautiful and economical.


The product is automatically detected by electro-optics, and the maximum packaging capacity is 60 bags per minute, which is suitable for packaging various types of products of different sizes and shapes. The touch screen controls the machine, which is convenient and simple to adjust. At the same time, it can store a variety of product packaging data, which can be directly recalled from the system during use, which is convenient and fast, greatly reducing the time required to replace the packaged product.

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