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High Speed Carton Erector SKX-03
High Speed Carton Erector SKX-03
High Speed Carton Erector SKX-03
High Speed Carton Erector SKX-03
High Speed Carton Erector SKX-03
High Speed Carton Erector SKX-03

High Speed Carton Erector SKX-03

Imported parts, electrical and pneumatic components

Automatically adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons

Advanced pneumatic control system compare with the complicated electrical control system

Fold the top covers automatically, side belts driven top and bottom sealing

Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter

Both steel and stainless steel types

Photoelectricity induction system



The carton storage adopts the horizontal type, and the empty carton can be refilled at any time, without stopping, without delaying production; it is suitable for opening and closing the carton of various sizes. If the carton specification needs to be changed, manual adjustment is sufficient, and the operation is simple and convenient; Unpacking, automatic folding lid, automatic bottom sealing, using PLC + human-machine interface control, simple operation and convenient maintenance, it is an indispensable assembly line equipment for automated mass production; the performance of the mechanical parts is precise and durable, the structure design is strict, and the operation process is vibration-free. Stable and reliable; open the door to stop automatically, shut off air, greatly improve the safety of use; the whole machine adopts the cam continuous system, the mechanical operation is accurate; the forming and sealing are controlled by the frequency converter, and the speed can be adjusted at will, saving labor hours; widely used in food and medicine , Beverages, tobacco, daily chemicals, automobiles, cables, electronics and other industries.



Application carton size
Table height1010-1050mm
Erecting speed
Machine size
Air compressing
5-6kg/cm3 300L/min
Application tape
Machine weight

Competitive Advantage

Precision designed and engineered by expertise.

This carton erector has received approval from famous industries around the world.

It is the highest speed carton forming and sealing machine.

Fully cam driven continuous system assures positive and stable motion with macimum stability.

In a breakthrough for tapping head design,this machine provides extremely secure sealing ,effect,outstanding tape smoothening performance.

Variable speed adjustment for carton forming and sealing,reducing labor requirements.

Horizontal cardboard stacking permits for supply of empty cardboard at any time.

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