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Automatic carton folding sealer
Automatic carton folding sealer
Automatic carton folding sealer

Automatic carton folding sealer

* Lengthened fuselage, folding cartons can cover a longer operation 

* And pneumatic nail me with the use, sealing, nail me once 

* Various sizes can be customized

Fast flat pressing without corner bend

Can be produced continuously for 24 hours without failure

The key parts are made of standard machine with tire mold and laser cutting

Parts available at any time



Automatic flaps folding carton sealer can automatically detect the size of cartons , automatically fold , convey and seal cartons . The sealing operation is completed in one go, and can be used with the automatic packaging machinery series. It can replace labor, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and save 5-10% of consumables. This flaps folding carton sealer is widely used in food, medicine, beverage, tobacco, daily chemical, automobile, cable, electronics and other domestic and foreign industries.



Application carton sizeL200-600*W150-500*H150-500mm
Table height580-680mm
Sealing speed300Ctns/h
Machine size
Air compressing
Tape size48-72mm
Mchine weight 

Competitive Advantage

Durable parts: box sealing machine selection of imported parts, imported electrical components and pneumatic components.

Convenient adjustment: automatically adjust width and height according to carton specifications, suitable for packing products of different specifications.

Automatic folding cover: automatic folding box cover, no manual operation, automatic tape up and down, the sealing effect is flat.

Beautiful box sealing: the upper and lower of the carton are automatically sealed and smoothed at the same time, with beautiful sealing result.

Safety protection: equipped with blade protection device to avoid accidental stab wounds during operation.

Strong practicability: It can be used stand-alone or with other sealing machines .

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