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Pick up type case packer
Pick up type case packer
Pick up type case packer

Pick up type case packer

* This equipment is suitable for all bottle types

* Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control technology, convenient operation, compact and reasonable structure

* Coordinated actions, stable and accurate operation, high grasping accuracy

* Equipped with a variety of protection functions, timely shutdown in case of failure

* Safe operation, small space on site



The mechanical cartoner realizes the action of grabbing and placing products by inflating and deflating the grab head. The lifting, moving and falling of the bottle are completed by the double four-bar linkage mechanism. In order to save non-working time, move quickly during the no-load return journey to improve production efficiency. Mechanical cartoning machines are widely used in prefabricated carton packaging of bottled products.


Power supply
Air pressure
Machine size
Application carton sizeL200*500*W180*400*H150*250mm
Machine weight
Packing speed

Competitive Advantage

Adopting three-stage decompression mode, the product is fully decompressed, so that the bottle grabbing head and the product are aligned accurately, and the success rate of grabbing the bottle is high; after the product enters the packing process, it is in a state of pressure-free and stable delivery, basically preventing bottle falling.

Adopting German IGUS linear positioning system, with high positioning accuracy and accurate movement, effectively reduce the impact and vibration of the equipment during operation, and greatly improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation; it is lubrication-free, maintenance-free, and has good hygiene and long service life.

Reliable work: This machine is realized by special pneumatic components to pick and place products. Through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control, the products are accurately and reliably loaded into the carton from the bottle conveying table.

Stable operation: The entire packing process is driven by a variable frequency motor to independently drive different mechanical mechanisms to raise, translate, and drop the product, and it is combined with pneumatic, electrical, and optical controls to achieve automatic operation. The movements are coordinated, and the movements are smooth and accurate.

It is equipped with multiple protection functions to stop the machine in time when a failure occurs. Such as: automatic shutdown and waiting when the carton is not full; when the bottle is not full, the machine will automatically stop and wait; when the grab head grabs the bottle and the carton is misplaced, it will automatically stop; when the operator enters the safety isolation line, it will automatically stop.


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