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Instant noodle heat shrink wrapping packaging machine

Instant noodle heat shrink packaging is a common type of packaging in food packaging.


It not only has the functions of sealing, moisture-proof, beautiful, anti-pollution, etc., but also protects the product from external shocks and has a certain buffering effect. It seems that the heat shrinking machine is a packaging method tailor-made for the food industry. More importantly, it is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, can save labor, and truly improve production efficiency. In China, where labor costs are skyrocketing, the food industry uses heat shrinking. The film packaging method is almost the best choice.

The sealing and cutting shrinking machine is packing the bubble bread film in the barrel, and the packaging of the barrel surface is equivalent to a double-layer film, the inner packaging is once, and the outer packaging is once.


Our heat shrinkable packaging machine can meet the production needs of any instant noodle company in the market, regardless of the length, can meet the packaging needs of customers, and the shrinking machine can operate continuously for 24 hours, with an average speed of 50-60 per minute , Compared with manual packaging, it can save 5 workstations, which directly brings economic benefits to the enterprise.

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