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Hot-shrinkable film shrink wrapping machine for chili sauce, pickles and fermented bean curd

With the improvement of people's living water quality, people's requirements for food are also getting higher and higher. Various brands of condiments appear on the market, and their packaging is also varied. But the overall packaging is mainly divided into two categories. Carton packaging and shrink film packaging.

Young people nowadays are very lazy and too lazy to cook, so they just buy these pickled vegetables for meal. Today's hot sauce market is very huge. Major supermarkets will use this opportunity to promote sales. The automatic packaging machine used for product promotion is a fully automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine. The packaging process only needs to arrange the filled condiments into the conveyor line and transport them to the automatic sealing and cutting machine for automatic bagging and sealing, and then enter the constant temperature shrink packaging film machine for heat shrink packaging film to complete the promotional film packaging.

Not only is the packaging beautiful. Save manpower, material resources and material costs even more. It can also solve the problem of rushing for the company's pre-holiday promotional packaging. Guerqi Packaging Machinery is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of automatic heat shrinkable film wrapping machines.

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